Principal Investigator

William P. Halperin, Orrington Lunt Professor of Physics and Astronomy

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2017 Recipient of the Fritz London Memorial Prize

Graduate Students

Andrew Zimmerman Keenan Avers Man Nguyen John Scott

Andrew Zimmerman studies superfluid 3He in aerogel on Cryo 2 . In particular, he is using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to investigate the interplay between structural anisotropy of the aerogel and superfluid phase stability and textures.

Keenan Avers runs the Uranium-Platinum3 (UPt3) crystal growth lab and studies its superconducting properties using small-angle neutron scattering. We have also started refining other Uranium-based superconductors.

Man Nguyen uses Cryo 1 to study the elementary excitations present in superfluid 3He. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to find topological excitations like Majorana fermions that live near the boundary of the superfluid.

John Scott has recently joined the ULT group and is working with Andrew on Cryo 2.

Undergraduate Students:

Cincia Tsai

Cincia Tsai studies the properties of high porosity thin-film silica aerogel grown in steel micro-mesh and the possibility of using them as a particle filter. She characterizes aerogel samples with scanning and transmission electron microscopy and stress-strain tests.

High School Stduent:

Josh Simon

Josh works on diffusion-limited cluster aggregation simulations of aerogel structure

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