98% DLCA simulated aerogel indicating the length scales δ and ξa

Click here to View the interactive 3D 3000 Å cube of 98.5% porosity DLCA simulated aerogel displayed in interactive 3D with Quicktime VR. (Click and drag to rotate. Shift and control to zoom in and out.).


Click Here to view into a 3000 Å cube of 98.5% porosity aerogel simulated with a Diffusion Limited Cluster Aggregation (DLCA) model. The 16,362 spheres have a mean diameter of 30Å, distributed as a Gaussian with width 15Å. The red lines indicate the edges of the simulated volume. Periodic boundary conditions are used. Periodic boundary conditions were used. The simulations were implemented in C++, MacOS, and imaged with POV-Ray, by Tom Haard. For more information on the DLCA algorithm see, for example

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