NMR spectrometer
One of our two NMR spectrometer racks, the slaves of our data taking. From top to bottom: PTS frequency synthesizer, MagRes 2000, PC, antena oscilloscope, Lakeshore temperature controller, and power amplifier.


Isotopic exchange and annealing furnace
Our home built oxygen-17 isotopic exchange system has served us well in our study of the hight Tc cuprates. Using this system, we are able to achieve doping levels all over the superconducting dome by treating our samples in pressures up to 15 atm.


Florida Probe
Built and maintained over the last 15 years, the Florida probe has made many trips to the National High Magnetic Field Lab (NHMFL) with our group. It is specially designed for the narrow bores of the high field (up to 30 Tesla) magnets at the NHMFL.